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FEBRUARY: 17-Fri Sonar, Vancouver, BC
                 18-Sat Boot Pub, Whistler , BC
                 24-Fri The Waiverly, Cumberland, BC
                 25-Sat Waiverly, Cumberland, BC

January - 2010
                  09-Mon Boot Pub, Whistler , BC
                  12-Thu Brew Brothers, Calgary, AB
                  13-Fri Canmore Hotel, Canmore, AB
                  14-Sat Canmore Hotel, Canmore, AB
                  15-Sun Rose and Crown, Banff, AB
                  16-Mon Rose and Crown, Banff, AB
                  19-Thu The Townhouse, Sudbury, ON
                  20-Fri El Mocambo, Toronto, ON
                  21-Sat Pepper Jack's, Hamilton, ON
                  24-Tue Gypsy Coop, Toronto, ON
                  25-Wed The Albion, Guelph, ON
                  26-Thu Red Dog, Peterborough, ON
                  26-Thu 12pm Fanshaw, London, ON
                  27-Fri Scherzo Pub, Kingston, ON

February - 2010
                  01-Wed Paramount, Moncton, NB
                  02-Thu Chuggles, Antigonish, NS
                  03-Fri The Attic, Halifax, NS
                  04-Sat Nep-Tunes, St. John, NB
                  08-Wed Kilroys, Thunder Bay, ON
                  10-Fri Lydia's, Saskatoon, SK
                  11-Sat Lydia's, Saskatoon, SK
                  12-Sun Canmore Hotel, Canmore, AB
                  14-Tue Slocan Lodge, Slocan, BC








This January marks the release of Slammin
Jack's new album, 'THE MERVILLE SESSIONS'.


Also available...
a day late, a dollar short

Slammin Jack's debut studio album (2003).

Hear some tracks from the new album on Slammin Jack's MySpace.

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